2017 Charlottesville City Market Research: Preliminary Findings

The following presentation was created by the Charlottesville City Market Research Team, composed of fourth year undergraduates Allie Arnold, Emma Feinman, and Gabby Levet, who are undertaking a year-long independent study under the guidance of Paul Freedman, Professor of Politics at UVA. The research could not have been undertaken without the partnership and support of the City Market managers Justin McKenzie and Lucy Lamm.

The presentation showcases preliminary findings of their research, with a comprehensive report to come out at the end of the Spring semester. 

Please contact the team with any questions or insights for further research on the City Market:

Allie Arnold: ana6pr@virginia.edu
Emma Feinman: erf8ce@virginia.edu
Gabby Levet: grl5wa@virginia.edu
Paul Freedman: freedman@virginia.edu


Cville Market Research Preliminary Findings Presentation

Market Survey_Topline Data