Who We Are

What is the University of Virginia Sustainable Food Collaborative? 

Formed in 2016 as part of the UVA 2016-2020 Sustainability Plan, the UVA Sustainable Food Collaborative—formerly known as Sustainable Food Strategy Task Force—is a group under UVA Sustainability's Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee that bridges a diverse array of organizations within UVA and the surrounding community to further food sustainability, food justice, and food equity at the University and in Charlottesville.

Collaborative Structure: 


SFC organization

Who is on the Collaborative?

  • UVA Faculty: 
    • Tanya Denckla Cobb (Director, Institute for Engagement & Negotiation)
    • Paul Freedman (Department of Politics)
  • UVA Offices: 
    • Andrea Trimble, Dana Scrhoeder, Erika Herz, Libby Dukes, Grace Dellecave, Katie Steele (Office for Sustainability)
    • Melanie Brede (Office of Health Promotion)
    • Wynne Stuart (Office for the Executive Vice President and Provost)
    • Corey DiLuciano (Health System Committee on Sustainability)
    • Darryl Rudge, Allie Berry, Sarah Gordon, Danielle Schneider, (Aramark - UVA Dine)
    • Kristin Floyd (UVA Finance)
    • Laura Toscano (Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy)
    • Nicole Thomas (Director of Development, Student Affairs)
  • UVA Programs and Projects: 
    • Sarah Medley, Barbara Brown Wilson, Stefanie Georgakis (UVA Equity Center)
    • Lauren Parker (Virginia Humanities)
    • Rebecca Deeds, Fiona Flynn, Taylor Goff (Morven Kitchen Garden)
    • Garreth Bartholomew (UVA Community Food Pantry; UVA Care and Support Services)
    • Austin Widner, Brooke de Maio, Erica Szymanski (Darden School of Business)
    • Jay Vetter, Matt Rogers, Jared Hardy (Harvest Table)
    • Maya Koehn-Wu, Spencer Duval (Institute for Engagement and Negotiation)
    • Jim Galloway, Libby Dukes, Andrew DiSanto (Nitrogen Working Group)
    • Janie Sanborn (UVA Student Council Sustainability Agency) 
    • John Piller (Madison House)
    • Madeline Casper (Community Food Pantry) 
  • Community Organizations: 
    • Emily Turner (4P Foods)
    • Laryssa Smith (Local Food Hub)
    • Jeanette Abi-Nader, Quentia Taylor (Cultivate Charlottesville)
    • French Price (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
    • Lilia Fuquen (Lilia Fuquen LLC)

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