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In October 2018 the SFC released UVA’s first Sustainable Food Action Plan V1.0, which outlines five goals and details numerous actions and specific strategies to achieve these goals. The Action Plan aims to provide a transparent roadmap for how to grow food sustainability at UVA. The Action Plan is viewed as a living document that will continue to be updated to incorporate innovative ideas and solutions. Each version of the Action Plan will be presented for review to the University Committee on Sustainability. Our five goals are:
  1. Annually increase the percentage of sustainable food and beverages available on Grounds.
  2. Reduce food waste and single-use food serving items sent to landfill by 2030, in alignment with the overall UVA waste goals.
  3. Develop policies and programs across UVA to eliminate food inequities and hunger at UVA.
  4. Increase student, staff, and faculty awareness of sustainable food systems.
  5. Collaborate within UVA and the region to advance sustainable food systems in the broader community.
A commitment to advancing food justice cuts across all five goals. The SFC understands food justice to extend far beyond the issue of access to food. It implies a holistic understanding of the rights of communities to shape the production, distribution, preparation, and enjoyment of healthy, culturally reflective food. It relates the health of individuals to the stewardship of natural resources and the rights of workers. Advancing food justice requires taking 4 leadership from historically marginalized communities and continually assessing the potential for negative impacts of initiatives on these communities. The SFC acknowledges that our nation’s current food system was shaped by histories of genocide, slavery, and segregation, and that structural inequities persist into the present day. Given the depth and pervasiveness of harm across generations, a commitment to advancing food justice must be a permanent and fully embedded core value within the Sustainable Food Action Plan.