Upcoming Food Sovereignty Event

On Sept. 14, at 5:30 pm (doors open at 5), Sean "The Sioux Chef" Sherman will be in conversation with local food activists Amyrose Foll (Abenaki/Penobscot heritage) of the Virginia Free Farm and Desiree Shelley Flores (Monacan citizen) of the Women's Earth Alliance. After the conversation, there will be a reception catered byChef Pierre Sober of Pearl Island, featuring a menu designed with the speakers and representatives from Tribal Nations in Virginia. 


The event was planned by Liah Lawson (UVA Native American Student Union), Shaleigh Howells (cultural resource officer of the Pamunkey Nation), Beth Roach (Tribal officer of the Nottoway Nation and UVA Coastal Conservatory), Rufus Elliott (Tribal officer of the Monacan Nation and former Tribal Fellow in Residence at the UVA Equity Center), Claire Payton (UVA Memory Project), Vivian Feggans (UVA Karsh Institute of Democracy), and Allison Bigelow (UVA Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese). The flier was designed by Léo Zhang (CLAS 2022).