The student research symposium was held on April 26th. This year’s Student Research Symposium was held on April 26th. OpenGrounds hosted the event with support from the Parents’ Fund. Presenters converged from the School of Architecture (particularly students from Urban Planning), Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, Environmental Science, Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law, and Global Environments and Sustainability. Visitors included experts in sustainability and food politics.


Love Jonson
Choosing and Citing Food Access Interventions: Food Mirages and Produce Stands in Portland Oregon

Haley Swartz
Modifying the Design of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to Improve Participants Health and Diets: Using Colorado as a Case Study for Policy Change

Jasmine Chu, Laurel Abowd, and Emily Avery
Food Insecurity in Charlottesville

Matt Scarnaty
The History of Productive Landscapes and Urban Gardening in the Ridge Street Neighborhood of Charlottesville

Katherine King
Metaphors We Eat By: The Effect of Metaphor on Collective Interpretive Resources

Paige Yanity
Community Impacts of Leftover Food on Dining Hall Plates at UVA

Brianna Mackay
The Implications of Corn Subsidies on Consumers Connectivity to Their Food

Ana M. Cubillos-Torres
How Food Distribution Shapes Paris