This research was conducted by students in Tanya Denckla Cobb’s food system planning class in the School of Architecture Urban and Environmental Planning program. Students completed their reports with community engagement, and presented their reports to the community at the end of the semester. Student work listed here was intended for community benefit, and shared with community members who contributed to the work. Students consented to having their work available for the community, and it is provided here to continue to benefit the community.
When quoting, using or referring to any part of this work, you must provide proper credit and citation. Plagiarism is a violation of both the law and the UVA student Honor Code.

Food Celebrations

Food Celebrations Presentation.12

Lyons, Lucas-Untapped Asset.12

McCoy, Laura-Planning for Food Heritage Celebrations.12

Stern, Shayna-It Is Time to Celebrate.12

Food Heritage at UVA

Food Heritage at UVa Presentation.12

Mangum, Hannah-Policy Recommendations.12

Webber, Atlee-Research and Policy Ideas.12

Food Preparation

DiCicco, Gina-Preparing Our Future.12

Food Preparation Presentation.12

Howle, Alex-Promoting Cooking.12

Food Processing

Bell, Laura-Rediscovering Virginia’s Potential.12

Food Processing Presentation.12

Smith, Katelyn-Cultivating People and Industry.12

Zheng, Ran-Heritage Flours for Bakeries.12

Food Production

Food Production Presentation.12

Kelsey, Jordan-Resilience, Security, Identity.12

Yang, Judith-Aquaponics and Heritage.12

Food Retail

Brenner, Elise-Story, Sustainability, Sustenance.12

Food Retail Presentation.12

Roper, Natalie-Farmers Markets.12

Russell, Liz-Heritage Food Retail.12