Several current and former UVA Food Collaborative members will be working closely with the City Schoolyard Garden this Spring in cultivating youth interest in gardening and sustainable, healthy living.

Former Steering Committee member Samantha Taggart (CLAS ’14) will be working with the City Schoolyard Garden as part of a fellowship with the Allegheny Mountain School, a program designed to facilitate the growth of a more sustainable and just food system by placing its fellows in non-profit organizations around Virginia. While at CSG, Taggart will focus on the role of the garden in developing young citizens’ understandings of the environment, responsibility and health.

In addition, current Steering Committee member Paul Freedman (Associate Professor, Dept. of Politics) has joined the board of the City Schoolyard Garden.

We look forward to using these new connections for collaboration and conversation over the coming year!

Strengthening Connections with the City Schoolyard Garden